Reading Announcement: Cake Mix Remix

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to reschedule “Cake Mix,” a children’s theatre and writing workshop with Mino Lora, which was originally to take place in January.  This event will now take place on March 4, 2012.  The event will become a double-header (Festival of The Word) with readings by the 2012 NoMAA literary grantees following the “Cake Mix” workshop.

The next event in the reading series is now on February 5, 2012—a program of delicious new fiction by Janice Eidus, Douglas Light, and Jonathan Baumbach.

You will receive the usual e-notices and reminders.  Meanwhile, so you can mark your calendars, here again are those dates:

February 5th:  New Fiction (Janice Eidus, Douglas Light, Jonathan Baumbach). The Lounge @ HVG, 4:00 pm.  $7 for readings and reception after.

March 4th: Festival of The Word in Northern Manhattan: a theatre/writing working for children by Mino Lora of the People’s Theatre Project followed by a reading by the 2012 literary grantees of the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance.  The Lounge @HVG,  exact time(s) TBD. Adults $7/children free.


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