Community Happenings: Art in the Catskills: The Wildcat Fellowship Program

Sunday Best curator Patricia Eakins and event producer Peter Martin sponsor The Wildcat Fellowship Program, which awards a residency in the Catskill Mountains to one or more gifted emerging artists each year.  The program gives urban artists a chance to experience art-making in a rural mountain setting of peace and beauty.  This year, Patricia and Peter partnered with the Roundout & Neversink Stream Management Program of the Sullivan County Soil & Water Conservation District in order to select a fellowship recipient or recipients whose project would highlight the beauty and history of the Neversink River which runs from the Catskills to the Delaware River.

Readers of this blog may remember that, back in January, we posted a call for artists’ proposals for The Wildcat Fellowship Program.  A distinguished jury of artists and historians recently selected the innovative duo of Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer as the Wildcat Fellows  for Summer 2011.  Ellie and Dan’s project, “Neversink Transmissions, will combine environmental sculpture with digital media to create “complementary transmission and receiving structures from which the audience can access locally generated knowledge about the Neversink River and surrounding watershed.”   Interviews with residents of the Neversink area will provide the source material for digital and radio transmissions which will serve not only as a local oral history but also highlight issues related to watershed management and rural communities.

Neversink Transmissions

Patricia will be documenting the progress of “Neversink Transmissions” throughout the spring and summer on a blog dedicated to The Wildcat Fellowship Program. Please check out Patricia’s blog to learn more about the artists and their proposal and to read about their efforts as they work to bring “Neversink Transmissions” to fruition.


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