Event Recap: Where Words Meet Music: Thanks to All Who Attended!

The Sunday Best Reading Series returned on January 9, 2011, presenting a program of composers and writers whose performances charmed and captivated audience members with dramatic introspection, bittersweet humor, and rousing political commentary.  The program began with baritone Robert Osborne‘s compelling performance of Neil Rolnick’s “Making Light of It,” a song cycle based on the poetry of Philip Levine.  Rolnick accompanied on laptop computer.


Robert Osborne performs Neil Rolnick's "Making Light of It"

Neil Rolnick accompanied baritone Robert Osborne on laptop computer. Rolnick's "Making Light of It" is a song cycle based on the poetry of Philip Levine.

Next, Mary Liz McNamara and Anthony Moore delighted attendees as the title characters in Barbara Blatner’s one-act musical “Betty and Mortie,” the story of  two lovers who find each other during their “golden” years.  Blatner, who accompanied the performers on piano, based the musical in part on the life of her late mother.

Mary Liz McNamara and Anthony Moore performed in Barbara Blatner's "Betty and Mortie."

Barbara Blatner's one-act musical "Betty and Mortie" was inspired by the life of her late mother. Blatner accompanied McNamara and Moore on piano.

Finally, Jerome Kitzke closed out the program with energetic renditions of the poetry of Allen Ginsberg.

Jerome Kitzke paired music with the poetry of Allen Ginsberg to stirring effect.

Audience members had a chance to meet the performers at the after-reception which featured wines provided by Vines on Pine.

After-Reception. Wine provided by Vines on Pine.

This event was a wonderful start to a new Sunday Best season.  Thank you to everyone who attended “Composers and Writers”  on January 9 and welcomed the Sunday Best Reading Series back to the arts community in Northern Manhattan.  As always, special thanks go to the performers who gave so much of themselves–their work, time, energy, and unique visions–to make this event a success.

To see the full album of photos taken at the “Composers and Writers” event, please visit Sunday Best’s Facebook page or Flickr photostream.  And please join us for the next Sunday Best event, Valentines to Earth, on February 13.


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