Other Literary Events: Uptown Voices and Hoodoo Dreams

Although the Sunday Best Reading Series has been on hiatus, curator Patricia Eakins has been keeping busy by pursuing a variety of literary endeavors.  As part of this summer’s 8th Annual Uptown Arts Stroll, Patricia organized Uptown Voices: Writing Across our Cultures, an evening of short stories and poetry read by authors representing a variety of cultures and languages.  Local literary artists Paquita Suarez-Coalla, Sandra Garcia Betancourt, and Lola Koundakjian joined Patricia for this diverse and entertaining event which was held at the Cornerstone Center on Bennett Avenue.  Works were read in Spanish, Armenian, and French, as well as English.  All four authors later recreated their performances for a podcast that was featured on the Manhattan Times website.  You can listen to the audio file here.

The Manhattan Times also published Patricia’s piece The Bride of Lightning, an excerpt from her book-in-progress Hoodoo Dreams: A Meditation on Landscape and Culture, in its June 23, 2010 issue. Click here to read the excerpt on the Manhattan Times website.


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